How is your weekend going, darlings? We have heavy snowfall, my little garden is covered in five inches of snow. It's beautiful. I went shopping this morning and snow started falling in the afternoon. It was really cold and the city was busy beyond words. I don't really like the crowd that comes along with Xmas, however, I felt relaxed and great, which is quite unusual as I have dealt with anxiety for the last couple of months. It's still manageable and I don't need medication, I am just overstressed and burn it at both ends for too long of a time and my body is revolting. However, I don't feel well and struggle with insomnia, too. As I sat in my car struck in a traffic jam and looked at the wonderful, sparkling, all-white blanket of snow, I felt that I finally got into the Xmas spirit, which I had thought won't come this year. Oh, I love the silence that comes when it snows.

I had dinner with a friend in IKEA and over some Swedish meatballs we talked about Xmas, love life, work and my relatively new obsession, blogging.

Me: "Oh I have to update my blog tonight and tell my readers about the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit I have just bought for myself as an Xmas present. You know, there are these people who get mad if I don't post..."
Her: "Who are these people? Are they real people?" Ha-ha-ha.

I went to Douglas to buy some presents for my family and just hung a wee bit too long around the Bobbi Brown counter and a lovely makeup artist asked if she could help me. I have used the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit for a long time now and I needed a new one, so I told her what I wanted. I wore no makeup, so she kindly offered me to try a few products on my face and I left in full makeup and with a few good tips. She made my day. I bought the concealer kit in Ivory and, as she suggested, a corrector in Porcelain Bisque that, put under the concealer, covers my dark circles. I gifted myself with a Moleskine Memo Pocket organizer book with six accordion file style compartments, too, which makes the perfect portable file folder for my bills and notes. Do you gift yourselves sometimes? I know it's not the solution, but it really helps fighting sorrow.

That's it for now. Good night, darlings.

Image credit: BobbiBrown.com


  1. That concealer sounds amazing! I am glad you are enjoying the holiday spirit!


  2. I sometimes buy myself little gifts to cheer myself up - it works for me!


  3. So fun, darling!
    I bought myself a little xmas present too ~ some Rodarte for Target!!


  4. I buy myself lots of little gifts all the time.... and I see nothing bad about it!

  5. Have fun and forget for a while blogging!!

  6. I keep meaning to check out Bobbi Brown, I think I will in the new year :) xx

  7. Here in Finland there is also snow and I love it! Though I would like to see Budapest in winter.

    I buy myself small gifts often:)

    You got the lovely gift!


  8. darling wishing you a fab sunday, i have awful insomnia so i know how bad it gets. dont ever feel pressured to post on your blog,only post when you can sweetie.

    have a gorge evening dear

  9. Thank you for the sweet comment darling! Happy Holidays!!

  10. Helloooooo,

    Oh, igen...természetesen! :-) Ez nem bűn - jót tesz a léleknek. :-))))

    (Várom a mailt)


  11. i love ikeas meatballs! they're so yummy!

  12. So funny*°*°
    Happy Holidays dear*°*°*

  13. We are real, we are real ;) Glad you posted, and I am excited to investigate this bobbi brown concealer!

  14. Dear Susan!

    I love reading your post. I was with you for a moment in your car...

    Sorry to hear about your anxiety, I hope you will feel better soon. About the insomnia I can talk a lot as well...it's an annoying thing right?

    I also surprised myself with something for Christmas this year. It feels a little bit crazy but the thing I bought is something I really wanted for a long time...and I'm happy I had the possibility to reward myself with it. It's an original fashion illustration...and I love it :-)

    I will go to Budapest before New Year and will stay there until January 15th...I hope I will have a chance to meet you in person...it would be wonderful...

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, much love: Evi

    Keep in touch.

  15. it hasn't snowed here like this in ages!I'm very happy that we'll have snow for Christmas.
    I want to buy a moleskine too:)

    and yes,we're real people!
    have a great week sweetie!

  16. darling wishing you a gorgeous evening

  17. the concealer sounds pretty cool! haha good night :)

  18. ooh-la-la looks delish!!!! Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

  19. oh i loke it to be your blogger friend :D haha
    have you holidays, too?

  20. Buying make up is always so much fun! I wish we had more snow, I don't think I've had enough. Haha.

    Also Ikea..meatballs. YUMMY!

  21. i have christmas holidays, it#s awesome and i'm pretty hppy. sadly it's getting warmer and warmer so the whole snow is gone but yeah, the rest is good.

  22. wishing you a wonderful season ahead honey

  23. Megan SWEARS by BB makeup. I think I my have to hop aboard that train!

  24. Concealer is a matter of life and death! :) Thanks for sharing! And happy holidays love. Thanks for your sweet comments. Sorry I've been missing from the blogosphere lately due to illness and other commitments! xx

  25. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Hey ! Susan !

    >>> STYLISH ! <<<
    Even :
    >>> SUPER STYLISH ! <<<

    What do you think of that ?