Janis is one of my heroes. Thinking about beauty, fashion and style, many of you would probably know that she was voted "ugliest man on campus" by a fraternity at UT Austin, but she absolutely transformed into a beautiful woman when she sang.

Janis was a free spirited woman, she didn't give a damn about fame. Janis went up on stage without switching her body into fame mode, she was just herself. Janis was passion. Listening to her singing never fails to move me. She sings from her heart and you can tell she means every word of those songs. She cuts her heart open and pours it out for all to hear. Janis... her heartbreak songs were from the truth of heartbreak, not some popular rendition of unrewarded lust.

She was quite simply cool, loved by millions and her music has a tone that just fills you with freedom and vibration. Janis is one of my greatest influences and I lie on the floor and completely open myself to her records and I let them wash all through me because they are beautiful. In my darkest hour, her voice fills me up with hope, it makes me believe again and again that I am not alone.

Isn't she just beautiful?

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I have been tagged by lovely Janet at Janetteria: thank you darling! This award is fabulous. I listed ten interesting facts about myself (or at least I hope they are interesting).

i {I majored in English and Communications and have worked in the corporate responsibility field ever since.}
ii {I strongly believe in human rights and equality of life. Injustice makes me sick.}
iii {I don't eat or drink anything containing added sugar.}
iv {I love hot weather.}
v {I enjoy linguistics.}
vi {I volunteer for a foundation for chronically ill; socially, mentally or bodily handicapped children.}
vii {I am a perfectionist and precise to a fault.}
viii {I am in love with music, my biggest inspirations being Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, George Clinton,... oh, too many to list! Music that I really love and believe in doesn't always become popular.}
ix {I am addicted to literature. Reading is my drug. I don't get how people get through life without reading. I just can't take that in.}
x {I don't own a TV and I don't plan to, however, I couldn't live without my computer.}

Now I tag you: please feel free to share your hidden secrets, too!

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I Love You Forever

Happy birthday, my love.

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Makeup Monday

I spent the weekend with my love's family, so that's my excuse for the lack of updates on my blog. As for your sweet comments, thank you for giving me a reason to smile, a reason to use my imagination. I realized that this place, my little piece of great blogland gives me a lot of hope. I am truly blessed.

Now on to the interesting stuff! These photos took my breath away. I always want summer to last forever, but looking at these pictures, I really wish fall would come around soon and bring with it those nice cool evenings. Don't you just fall in love with these images and those smokey eyes?

Fendi 2009 Fall
Photos: Karl Lagerfeld
Model: Jessica Stam
Source and photo credit: Fashion Victims via Sminkblog


And the winner is... me!

It feels like I'm dreaming- I won lovely Couture Carrie's most fabulous contest, the Faire Frou Frou giveaway! What else can a girl ask for? Go and check out this amazing webshop and dream with me. Oh, this beautiful girl has a gorgeous blog, too!

I am floating on air... good night, girls!

Photo credit: Faire Frou Frou ("Chocolate Box" Bra)


The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

For 16.50 US dollars, now you can pre-order Scott Schuman's new self-titled book to be released on August 12, 2009.

Amazon's book description says, "Scott Schuman just wanted to take photographs of people on the street who looked great. His now famous blog ("the bellwether American site that turned photo blogging into an art form" - New York Times) was an attempt to showcase the wonderful and varied sartorial tastes of real people - not only those of the fashion industry. The book is a beautiful anthology of Scott's favourite shots from around the world. They include photographs of well-known fashion figures as well as those shots of the anonymous passerby whose imagination and taste delight the viewer. From the streets of Rio to Bejing, Stockholm to Milan, these are the people that have inspired Scott and in turn, inspired designers and people of all ages, wages and nationalities with an interest in fashion. Intimately designed and created with Scott, the book is a handsome object in its own right, in full colour on hand-picked, quality paper."

I love Schuman's work, so I probably will order the book. What do you think?

Source: Bryanboy
Photo credit: Amazon.com


Makeup Monday

What can I add? Yum!

GO Palermo #16 Winter
Photo: Gonzalo Corrado
Makeup: Lucila D'Angelo
Model: Lucila Godoy
Photo credit: Kokobombon's Scans via Sminkblog


Beach, baby!

Today was fun! The temperature has reached forty degrees Celsius this week; I love hot weather, but sitting in my air-conditioned office when the sun is shining outside is not what I dream of. I felt so tired in the middle of the week that I thought I'd have a day off. My love and I went to lake Balaton: bathed in the lake and in the sun all day long, ate a lot of fruit and had such a great time! I returned home feeling like new.

I hope you had a great Friday, too!

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Oh Snap!

I thought this was really funny: a step-by-step guide for being shot by The Sartorialist.

(Click on the image to make it bigger.)

Source and image credit: Refinery29


Mihalik Enikő for W Korea

These photos have already been posted by lovely fellow fashionista at Fashion Pulse, however, I wanted to write about them, too. As a Hungarian girl, I am so proud of Enikő and her success story. As for the photos, I love the bright and vibrant colors and she looks amazing on them, as always.

Source and photo credit: Fashionising.com


Makeup Monday

Girls love glitter and I can't argue with that. Beautiful, aren't they?

Sebastián Correa, Helena Rubinstein

Guillermo Castelli, Lancôme

Giselle Santana, Dior

Cristian Camilo, Givenchy

Source and photo credit: Elle Argentina May 2009 via Sminkblog
Photo: Philippe Salomon



Chanel fall 2009 Couture collection

Source and photo credit: Style.com


Happy birthday Anna

I am going to host a cupcake-themed birthday party for Anna. Anna is my brother's sweet-sweet girlfriend. She turned 24 in June and I invited them, my mom and grandmothers to a homemade party this Saturday. For me, there has always been something very special about putting together a homemade party. It comes from the heart, and whatever you do that comes from your heart always comes out much better. I made a little girly paper box for her using decoupage that will hold the beautiful unicorn necklace by lovely Daisy Chain. Anna is pretty much into horses, she goes to university to be a horse riding trainer and spends her every free second working for a horse riding school. In additon to the necklace, her birthday cake will form a horse, too. As for the dinner, everything from dining etiquettes to napkins will be about cupcakes. We will eat a lot, too! I hope my brother brings his camera and I will be able to share some photos with you later on.

Unfortunately, this bag is not part of the deal. So sweet, isn't it?

Judith Leiber cupcake clutch, image from Bag Borrow or Steal


Favorite of the day

I love this clutch from Celestina. The multicolored mother-of-pearl is an organic fashion statement and brings the beauty of nature right into your hands. I would pair it with a plain black dress and killer heels. So beautiful, isn't it?

Image from Net-a-porter.com



Christian Dior autumn/winter 2009/10 Paris Haute Couture collection

Source and photo credit: Telegraph


Makeup Special: ...and the winner is...

I am always happy about your comments and I want you to be happy, too. That's why I wrote this post and announced my first giveaway. And the winner is… Jimena: I loved your comment about the black eyeliner, because I think it’s essential, too! It makes your eyes pop and gives you a sexy look.

Congratulations dear, I will contact you shortly for delivery address.

Thanks to lovely E and Daisy Chain for the comments, too, I will definitely use your beauty tips!

Photos: Recycle Me by Jennika Kane
Makeup: Alejandra Alvarado for Milla Suri
Model: Eugenia Becker
Source: A-List International via Sminkblog