I tell you a secret

Darlings, I love you all so much! I received three awesome awards. Thank you, dolls. Oh, I have new followers, too. Thanks for your sweet comments, I try to catch up with my reading and visit your amazing blogs.

I have also been tagged by fabulous Janet at Janetteria. I hope you enjoy my list.

Where's your cell phone- in my bag.
Your hair- freshly washed.
Your mother- has beautiful green eyes.
Your father- was an incredible but frail man.
Favorite food- pasta.
Dream last night- faded away.
Favorite drink- water.
What room are you in- bedroom.
Hobby- reading and writing.
Fear- indifference.
Where were you last night- in my bed.
Something that you aren't- narrow-minded.
Muffins- yum!
Where did you grow up- in Budapest (Hungary).
What are you wearing- a silk slip.
Your pets- my beloved dog died last year.
Friends- I love them always.
Something you are not wearing- bra.
Favorite store- MAC.
Favorite color- black, white, nudes, powder pink and gray.
Last time you laughed- this morning.
Your best friend- my love.
Place you go to over and over- New York.
Person who emails you regularly- there are too many of them.
Favorite place to eat- Vapiano.

Laura, Cathy, Carrie, E and Noura - ladies, you are tagged! I can't wait to read your lists.

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Turn back time

I am totally blown away by these photos. Beautiful, soft and classy. What do you think?

Model: Natasa Vojnovic
Source and photo credit: Fashion Gone Rouge


Favorite of the day

I am deeply in love with pastels. So romantic, aren't they?

Givenchy Les Po├ętiques 2009 A/W Collection

Source and photo credit: Sminkblog



Burberry Prorsum S/S 2010

Photo credit: Style.com

Fell for fall

I love Indian summer and that's what we have here right now. I went shopping yesterday and I couldn't help but checking in to my favorite makeup store. I never wear anything purple, that's why I was shocked to discover that I loved MAC's Cool Reserve which is one of the nail colors of the F/W '09 collection. As for my nails, most of the times I stick to natural colors and sometimes wear black or bright pink. Cool Reserve is a creamy, cool-toned grayed purple. It's probably my love for gray that made me fall in love with this color. What do you think?

Photo credit: Temptalia. You can read a full review of MAC's F/W '09 nail trend on the site.

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The lady who fell to Earth

Oh, how I missed you guys! I am so sorry for the lack of updates. When I arrived home on Saturday after a garden party I came down with the worst flu of my life and it's been hard to get straight since then. I just need rest and I am not gonna get that till the end of the month, so it is time to suck it up. Yesterday I listened to my favorite records in the hope of improvement but I was feeling weak and dizzy and just didn't have it in me to really surrender my body to the music the way I usually do.

Anyways, on to the interesting stuff! I know this editorial has been the darling of the fashion blogsphere lately, however, I can't resist posting it. Kinga is Hungarian, did you know? I am so proud of her!

"The lady who fell to Earth" featuring Kinga Rajzak potographed by Tim Walker and styled by Kate Phelan for Vogue UK, October 2009.

Source and photo credit: Paper Mode