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Tim Burton's Tricks and Treats with Malgosia Bela, Evelina Mambetova and Sophie Srej. Photographed by Tim Walker for Harper's Bazaar.

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Mineralize me!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my four posts last night. I have just chosen the winner of my giveaway via random.org. I got post No. 1 comment No. 3- that's you, Daisy Chain! I hope this little surprise makes your not-so-perfect week a little better.

I hope you'll like the blush and your personal professional product review:

"Within the MAC Mineralize product group, Mineralize Blush is many makeup artists’ favorite: it stands its ground within the wide range of blushes, bronzers and shimmers like a 3 in 1 piece. Moreover, it brings you the shade necessary for the much-loved and cutting edge fashion trend, the nude makeup: touching up the area below your eyebrow bone with the blush applied with a shading brush will make your eyes pop. It looks truly amazing on brown-haired, brown- or blue-eyed women; however, you can lift your everyday blush into another dimension by touching up your cheekbones with it." (Karolina Árpa, makeup artist)

I will contact you shortly for delivery address.

Good night all!

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Style Beyond Fashion: An Interview with Fashion Stylist Marian Kihogo

"I describe my style as like a car crash of '70s luxe bohemian, rock&roll and masculine tailoring." (Marian Kihogo on Twitter)

Marian, wearing a vintage jumpsuit and belt. Photo: Rob Truijen.

I adore Marian Kihogo’s fashion blog. I have been a follower for a long time now, and I know that Marian is not only a professional fashion stylist but also a very kind person whose amazing and funny writing puts a smile on her readers’ face. I wanted to include Marian into my program for the Night of Fashion Blogs event mainly because I admire her work and wanted to give my lovely readers the opportunity to get to know her and explore her awesome art and style.

Marian Kihogo: Fashion stylist and writer

"My background is in fashion design and art. My mother is an artist and so was her mother, so I was encouraged to explore fashion, art and all things creative. I styled my first client when I was fourteen and have gone on since then to work providing editorial fashion styling, fashion writing, personal styling and personal shopping. This has been on both a full time permanent or freelance basis. Prior experience includes working as a fashion stylist, fashion writer, art director, visual merchandiser, editor, celebrity personal stylist and personal shopper for varying clients and publications" – says Marian. – "I currently work for Paris based magazine, Dirrty Glam as their UK Correspondent. This position includes coordinating, styling and writing any London based features, editorial shoots, interviews etc. I also work on a freelance basis on other publications and projects. In addition I regularly provide personal styling (clients range from everyday housewives to celebrities for the red carpet) and personal shopper services."

Hi Marian, how are you? What are you doing right now? Hi Zsuzsanna, I am well thank you! Hope you are having a good day too. I have just finished personal shopping with a client in Selfridges (London luxury department store). She wanted a few things for the new season, such as a great new coat, some knitwear and new jeans etc. I am now just on my way to see a few PR agencies to pick some pieces for clients who have upcoming red carpet events. Before those appointments I will make a quick stop for some hot chocolate and a croissant at the first café I see first!

You do styling for some of the most amazing magazines, designers and models. What is it like to live such a fascinating life? Hard work! {Smile} No it is really an honour by God’s grace to be able do something I love… In my mind, I am still that ten year old practicing my styling on her poor six year old sister! {Laugh.} I enjoy it just as much as I did then. Once I am styling, fashion writing and so on, I am happy. I have had a lifelong affair with fashion, art, great design and innate style so I do not see my life as fascinating, I simply see it as being able to do what I love. Of course, it is a pleasure and utter honour to be able to work with talented and passionate creatives (photographers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers, hair stylists, retouchers etc.) who love their jobs and give it 200%. Trust me when I’m hungry and tired at a twelve hour fashion shoot it immediately takes out any aspect of glamour or fascination. {Laugh.}

What do you like the most about your job? I adore it all… from reviewing season catwalk collections, to interviewing incredibly talented high fashion designers, research, coordinating and styling magazine shoots etc. Maybe the bottom line to me is I see what designers create as their art. It is thus such a pleasure to be able to work with it hands on in shoots, to write about in articles etc. My personal styling also brings me much joy. It is wonderful putting a smile on a client’s face; instilling or renewing confidence through an outfit gives me so much joy and job satisfaction. All I have ever wanted to do is make people feel great and look their best through great styling. It’s great seeing my clients featured in best dressed lists!

I adore your style, so effortlessly chic, feminine but daring at the same time. Tell me, what makes the perfect outfit? Wow that is quite a compliment! Thank you, I am incredibly flattered. I think the perfect outfit is a chemistry created when an outfit reflects the person’s personality combined with working with their body proportions. Personality and attitude fuel personal style. If someone wears something that is not really a reflection of who they are, it shows however fashionable/trendy it is. The clothes then tend to wear them and not the other way round as it should be. Figure, who you are as a person, let your clothes be an extension of you and make sure to take your body type/proportions into consideration as well.

Do the clothes make the outfit or does the person wearing the clothes? Oh most definitely the person! Otherwise everyone wearing designer clothes would automatically look amazing and that is not the case. Personality and attitude are what bring a garment to life. Without that in my opinion the clothes are dead on their own.

Many people here in Hungary are not really confident with their styles; and therefore they don't even try to express themselves in fashion. What would be your advice for them? Possibly discovering who they are as individuals will help. Each person needs to find out what their likes, dislikes, inspirations and personal experience is. I think most people struggling with confidence to express themselves through their garments are unsure of who they are personality wise. Once that is sorted, there is more of a confidence to express one’s self through one’s clothes. Also I would suggest exploring fashion, art, music, design, culture etc as it broadens the mind and serves as inspiration. If one lives in a society or an area where there is not much exposure to fashion sometimes this exploration can be a God send. There were times when I lived in areas where there was nothing to inspire me visually as the people were not interested in fashion at all. So magazines, books and TV were my way off escaping that black and white world into a world full of print, colour, conceptual design and creativity. Do take time out to find out what works for your body type and colouring. If you don’t know, book a professional styling consultation. How can one know what works best for them in terms of shape, cut and proportions if one does not know their individual body type? Most importantly I would encourage everyone that even the greatest style icons and muses were not born that way. The Audrey Hepburn’s and Marilyn Monroe’s of this world became who they are through endless style and fashion experimentation. Remember that great style is not built in a day. Develop a fearlessness when it comes to clothes, it is through the mistakes that the successes are made. Fashion is meant to be fun, don’t be afraid to play with it!

What is the most useful piece of advice about style that you have ever gotten?
{Wear nothing you don't believe in. If you wear clothes that are not you, it shows.}
{True personal style evolves, grows, changes as the person does.}
{It is okay if no one understands your personal style. That is why it is personal to the individual. When it comes to personal style you should not be trying to please anyone but yourself!}
{Experiment fearlessly, experiment, experiment...}

What are your future plans? To work hard but remember to laugh, love and live even harder...

What are you wearing right now? Black Vivienne Westwood high waist tailored pants, a black jumper with splashes of forest and acidic green, mocha brown and neon pink. It has a Rodarte like feel but it is by UK high street retailer, NEXT. Also have a faux leather biker jacket, Kurt Geiger cone heel ankle boots, an Urban Outfitters multi layered chain and neon green fringed necklace. Oh I also have my usual armful of bracelets, cuffs and gold watch.

Thank you so much for the interview, Marian. So inspiring! I wish you every success with your career, personal life and plans.

Marian's client, Tolula Adeyemi, model, actress and muse to Vivienne Westwood, in a Manjit Deu pink sequin dress, London Fashion Week S/S 2010.

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Makeup for Fall and Winter: Colors and Trends / Beauty Tips from Makeup Artist Karolina Árpa

"Instead of colors, I would emphasize the importance of textures this season: the wet-looking eye makeup is on trend for fall and winter" - says Karolina. - "Concerning style, strongly colored eyes with strong shading of the eyebrow bone near the nose are very popular. My favorite color of the season is elephant grey / old silver. Regarding lip colors, black is dominating the fashion world; many fashion editorials favor this trend. Blushless makeup and thin eyebrows are not on trend anymore."

Lancôme Declaring Indigo Collection
(Image from here.)

YSL Fall 2009 Collection
(Image from here.)

Givenchy Les Poétiques Collection
(Image from here.)

Guerlain Beauté Slave Collection
(Image from here.)

MAC DSquared2 Collection
(Image from here.)

MAC Style Black Collection
(Image from here.)

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection
(Images from here and here.)

Dior JazzClub Collection
(Image from here.)

Want to win a MAC Mineralize Blush? Enter my giveaway.

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Professional Makeup: An Interview with Makeup Artist Karolina Árpa

Founder and contributor of the amazing makeup blog, Sminkblog, Karolina Árpa has remained the lovely, shy girl she has always been. I have known her for quite a long time now and beyond her amazing art, she’s the person who always puts a smile on my face.

Karolina, tell me about your way in the world of makeup. I am the odd-one-out in this profession I guess; unfortunately, I can’t say that I have always wanted to do this. One day, my makeup was done by a professional makeup artist at a drugstore and when looked into the mirror I went WOW! I think it all began there and then. I looked for a school to learn all that, to see myself like that once again. When we learnt about fantasy makeup at school, I totally abandoned myself to my inspirations and then I realized that makeup art is my profession. I have felt that to this very day; I love makeup; each job is a new miracle. My profession is an inexhaustible source of happiness for me. Before the birth of my daughter I contributed to the production of many feature films as an assistant. Nowadays I prefer photo shoots and lead my own makeup courses.

Give me one sentence about the art of makeup. What does it mean to you? My work is my love.

Where do you get your inspiration from? A beautiful face inspires me the most. I would put all my makeup on it, experiment with it, change it, repaint it…

What kind of jobs are you willing to take on? I would take on any kind of job where I am allowed a free hand. It can be anything; nowadays I try to realize my own ideas in the frames of photo shoots in which we all take part as artists and not as executors.

With whom do you willingly work with? Fortunately, I have the opportunity to work only with people I like and whose work I admire: Hajni Nagy, Péter Marosi, Bence Kaszás and Oleg Borisuk.

What are your most important tools in makeup? My eyes and my hands.

What are your favorite products as a consumer? I adore concealers from Bobbi Brown, the Fluidline liquid liner, pigments in Blue Brown and the Sculpt and Shape powder from MAC, Lip Tars and the loose color concentrate in Clove from OCC. Concerning brushes, I couldn’t live without my MAC 266.

What is your favorite feature in makeup? Shading. I would make that compulsory for all women to learn. You can achieve amazing effects with that, it’s like face sculpture.

Who are your favorite makeup artists? Sarolta Tombor is my icon in Hungary, she’s my absolute favorite. My favorite foreign makeup artist is Pat McGrath.

Who are the designers whose art you adore? Galliano; I adore him for his recklessness, his not giving a damn about conventions. I adore Karl Lagerfeld’s work, too, for his essential sense of proportion. He creates clothes that you just want, and you want them all just by looking at them.

Which is the one beauty tip that you think is the most useful? You need to drink lots of water in order to have a beautiful skin. It’s easy and sounds like a cliché but it is the most important beauty tip you can get.

Thank you so much for the interview, Karolina. I love your art. I wish you every success with your work.

Girls, stay tuned for a f/w makeup review and some tips from Karolina in the next hour.

Photos of Karolina's recent artwork

Photo: Hajni Nagy

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Nanushka: An Interview with Sandra Sándor

Sandra Sándor. Photo: Márk Viszlay

Nanushka is the childhood nickname of Hungarian fashion designer Sandra Sándor, a London College of Fashion, Fashion Design & Technology majors graduate. Established in Budapest in 2005 with the active lifestyle of today’s women in mind, Nanushka’s design focuses on enduring silhouettes, comfort and functionality combined with a playful attitude rather than fashion trends. Black, white, gray and their different shades as well as modern, high quality fabrics form the basis of Nanushka’s collections. Nanushka is currently expanding internationally and its collections are now seen not only in its hometown of Budapest but also in selected stores in Madrid, Helsinki, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.

When I asked Sandra to be part of my program by sending her an e-mail suggesting I send my questions over, she wrote that she prefers meeting personally. How sweet is that? I was more than happy to see her in her beautiful, little showroom just under the Buda Castle.

Sandra, how did you start in fashion? My mother has engaged in children’s clothing, and I loved dressing up from the very early age of my childhood. I have always knew that I want to engage in clothes but wasn’t sure about being a designer. I didn’t draw and most of the designers start up with that. I was in secondary school when I first thought of becoming a designer. I had special ideas and despite of my love for clothes I couldn’t find a collection that was entirely perfect in my own view, so I wanted to create my own collections. I went to London in 2000 and I finished school in 2004. I came home in the same year and my first collection debuted in the spring/summer of 2006.

I fell in love with your collections because I love monochrome. What is your idea about colors? The basic colors of my collections are always gray and its shades. I have just started experimenting with colors and am now in love with pastels. However, gray and black will always be part of the colors I use.

Another love-factor for me is that your clothes are wearable, comfortable and functional. Do you stick to functionality? Definitely! I am always interested in what is going on around us in fashion, but not because I want to go with the trends. There are a lot of fashion trends that I don’t like and I wouldn’t use them in my creations. I always love to mix current trends with functionality and comfort. I haven’t ever gone for haute couture because I am not the type to do that; I simply wouldn’t be good at it.

Who are your favorite designers? I love Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Preen and Future Classics, but I have many favorites!

What are your sources of inspiration? Oh, I have many of that, too! The work of my favorite designers of course, but I get inspired by traveling, everyday people, especially in cosmopolitan areas. I adore streetstlye!

Do you wear your own clothes? I do, yes! Half of my wardrobe consists of my own creations I would say. I love mixing high and low, so I wear high street brands, too.

What are you wearing right now? My jacket is from USE unused. {Editorial note: She laughs. USE unused is another great Hungarian designer label.} My shirt is from Nanushka and my leggings are from H&M.

I have seen boots in your new collection. Do you plan to design other accessories? I definitely do! We have these boots in our current collection and another shoe in the s/s 2010 collection. I plan to have bags, too.

What are your favorite pieces from the current collection? I love the pieces made from quilted fabrics and the jacket made from faux fur that looks like being made with feathers.

What are your favorite fabrics? I love cotton mixed with silk or wool. I also like modern, synthetic fabrics that imitate chiffon and silk. I prefer a comfortable wear in point of fabrics, too.

Thank you so much for the interview, Sandra. Very inspiring! I wish you every success with your work.

Nanushka A/W 09/10

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Yay for a giveaway!

As many of you already know, I will host a program in the frames of the Night of Fashion Blogs event today. It will be fun, so stay tuned. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my amazing readers and commenters. As a token of my appreciation, I will host a giveaway for you!

I will give away a MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Joy. In addition, my lovely friend, makeup artist Karolina Árpa wrote a professional product review, just for you!

"Within the MAC Mineralize product group, Mineralize Blush is many makeup artists’ favorite: it stands its ground within the wide range of blushes, bronzers and shimmers like a 3 in 1 piece. Moreover, it brings you the shade necessary for the much-loved and cutting edge fashion trend, the nude makeup: touching up the area below your eyebrow bone with the blush applied with a shading brush will make your eyes pop. It looks truly amazing on brown-haired, brown- or blue-eyed women; however, you can lift your everyday blush into another dimension by touching up your cheekbones with it."

Oh, please remember that my interview with Karolina will be published tonight.

How to Enter? Anyone who leaves a comment on any of the posts published in the frames of the event (there will be four of them) is automatically entered in the draw, starting today at 7 pm CET ending today at midnight CET. The winner will be revealed tomorrow.

Rules: Only leave one comment per post please, meaningless comments will also be discarded. To pick the winner, I will use random.org. If you don't have an account, please leave your e-mail address. Thank you.

See you there.


Favorite of the day

Oh, lucky New Yorkers... Racked reports a dream come true for YSL junkies... and I’m not there! Not that I need a new bag... but... I mean... {I'll be back as soon as I find a good justification for it. Watch this space.} Highlights include cashmere and silk scarves for just $100, women's shoes for $300, chic runway collar pieces for $39 and mink neck wraps for $300. Other items include jackets for $400, pants, skirts and sweaters for $250, dresses for $300, coats for $650, blouses for $175, knits for $150, boots starting at $400, belts for $50 (buy two, get one free) and men's suits for $500. The real steal of the sale has to be the classic Muse Two bag, which is on sale for only $500. {Yum.} Hey, lucky girls, are you in the line yet?

Source: Racked New York
Photo credit: Net-a-porter.com


I love Tim Burton

Traditionally, we don't celebrate Halloween, however, I love the idea. I bought a few mini Halloween pumpkins and combined them with orange candles- now I have my own Halloween corner on my table! Apropos, do you love Tim Burton as much as I do? Kattaca is cool, too.

Source and photo credit: Behance Network