{Nearly} fit

Oh, what a day! I attended a sports event today that had been sponsored by the company I work for. I had 90 minutes of spinning, 40 minutes of dance aerobic, 40 minutes of kangoo, 40 minutes of iron box, 40 minutes of fat burning, 40 minutes of yoga, 40 minutes of freestyle... it was fun, but I just can't move now! I don't dare to imagine how I'll feel tomorrow.

How was your weekend, darlings?

Photo credit: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, found here


I'm like a ghost and I have nothing but myself

The headline is from Daul's blog, which is now closed. I know they had to do that but it made me so fucking sad. (I have been listening to "I go deep" by Jim Rivers for the last two days or so. House makes me sick, but I just can't stop, even though that track makes me physically ill.)
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Favorite of the day

London College of Fashion undergraduate, Rosalind Keep gives edge to boring pieces of clothing with creatively printed lines. The Trompe L'Oeil collection for the Oasis Designer Collab' consists of tanks, dresses and sweaters. LOVE!

Source and photo credit: Cyana Trendland


Makeup Monday

I am in love with the blank canvas effect of bare and nude skin that became a fashion statement lately. Paled out lips, bleached brows and hyper-plain skin define the trend. Do you like it or do you miss tanned skin beauty?

Images from the Prada, Givenchy and Philip Lim F/W 09 runway shows via Fashion156.


Say hi to forever

Rest in eternal peace, beautiful girl.

Now tell me, how a beutiful, successful, talented girl surrounded by lots of people can get so lonely with noone noticing? This makes me so fucking sad.
Headline and photo from her blog, which was one of my favorites. I'll miss her so much.


The color of truth

I found this fabulous article on Fashion156.com and I wanted to share it with you. My love for gray (and for Gareth Pugh) is unshakeable. What do you think?

Images from Gareth Pugh S/S 2010 runway show at Paris Fashion Week.
Source and photo credit: Fashion156.com


Lazy Monday

This is my last day of laziness: I feel better, so I'll work tomorrow. I hate being ill, but I have enjoyed slowing down, reading and blogging. As I went through my reading list this morning, I found this wonderful award from one of my dearest blogger friends, Carolyn. Thank you so much, darling! I received many awards recently and I would like to thank you all for your love. I had a really busy period in the last couple of months, which is my latest excuse for not blogging more about the lovely things around me. Keep in mind, however, that I appreciate every visit and every kind word you leave for me.

Oh, you always make me smile! I have also been lucky enough to win this cute nailpolish keyring: thank you so much, dear. I have been in love with these creative DIY accessories and tote bags for a long time now.

As Christmas is approaching, I enjoy searching for the most beatiful cards and Christmas decorations more than ever. Your blogs give me lots of inspiration. Amazing Laura at Bright, Bold and Beautiful is having a fabulous giveaway. Torie Jayne always has the best ideas about decoration and all things pretty and creative. Rachel has made these wonderful little jotters of vintage wallpaper. Aren't these girls awesome?
Photo is courtesy of Rachel



I love Polaroid images, however, I have always been told that they are too expensive to make. I haven't given up my dream of having a pink Polaroid camera though. Till then, this application gives me the fun I need. I love it! Do you? Thinking about Polaroids, this is my favorite website. Oh, I love his blog, too. Aren't they amazing?

Photo credit: my brother


My {nearly stylish} makeup routine

I attended Karolina's amazing makeup course this year, I am not an expert on makeup though. However, I would like to share my everyday tricks with you. I hope you'll find this interesting and probably useful, too.

Foundation: Chanel Pro Lumiére (or Mat Lumiére) - 20 Clair
If you're going to spend money on one thing, it should be your foundation. This is the single most important part of looking perfectly finished, and if it looks crappy, so will you. Also, please don't forget bronzer! That's where you do all your shading and contouring.
Foundation brush: MAC 187
Concealer: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit - Porcelain
I have really dark circles around my eyes, so this is the one product that I never leave the house without.
Powder: MAC prep+prime transparent finishing powder (applied with a MAC powder puff)
Bronzer: MAC mineralize skinfinish powder - Soft and Gentle
This product is a 3-in-1, it adds highlights to cheeks and brows and an overall polish to the face.
Powder brush: MAC 138
Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
Eyeliner brush: MAC 266
If you use an eyeliner, this brush is a must have.
Mascara: MAC Plush Lash (I read lots of bad reviews about MAC mascaras, I love this one though.)
Eyelash curler: Clinique (I wish to buy a new one, haven't decided on the brand yet though.)
In case you haven't used an eyelash curler yet, try it. Believe me, you will be surprised at the result.
Eyebrows: MAC eyebrow set - Clear
I have thick and dark eyebrows, so I don't need coloring.
Blush: see my bronzer above
Lips: I don't use lipsticks as part of my everyday makeup. I use my beloved Carmex and my all-time-favorite Lancôme Juicy Tube in Rio Peach.

What are the makeup products you could never live without? I mean, theoretically of course.

Photo credit: my brother

Neverending love for b&w vol. 3

I know that you probably have seen this elsewhere {a million times}, but I think this is the best look book ever.

Chanel F/W 2009/10 look book
Check out the rest here
Source and photo credit: Fashionising.com



Saturday was the third time I met fabulous Janet. We can chat away for hours! Obviously, we went shopping together. Oh, great times. What do you think of my new partners in crime? Another big moment of the weekend was when I won Dexter's giveaway, a one year subscription to Wonderland magazine! I am so lucky. Thank you, dear.

Boots: MaxMara
Tights: Calzedonia
Photo credit: my brother


Wonderful: Lara Stone in Vogue UK

How is your week going, darlings? I officially hate Mondays and November weather. I love wearing black and gray though, and this is the best season to do that, isn't it? Thinking of Christmas, I wouldn't mind dressing up like a princess for our usual Christmas dinner, however, I would look a little weird without a castle. My tiny apartment could not handle a dress like that.

Amazing editorial, isn't it? I love how Lara looks like a princess without her usual punk chick explicitness. What do you think?

Vogue UK December, 2009

Source and photo credit: StyleFrizz


Neverending love for b&w vol. 2

Jacket by Liam Evans contact at 07795 341289. Belt as necklace from Beyond Retro. Leggings by Ohne Titel at Liberty.

Black, eyelet dress by Alexander Wang at Start. Cycle shorts by American Apparel. Shoes by Christian Louboutin. Eyelet necklace by Thom Humphris.

Long, looped top by Hermione de Paula. Necklace by Jennifer Selden. Shoes by Brian Atwood. Tights by Jonathan Aston at MyTights. Long leather gloves by Lanvin.

Long sleeved body and long, sheer skirt by Modernist. Shoes by Brian Atwood.

Distressed shirt by Meadham Kirchhoff at Feathers. Necklace by Topman. Leather biker trousers by Preen at Liberty. Boots by Marjan Pejoski.

Distressed arm piece by Tour de Force. Black top by Bassike at Start.

Visor by American Apparel. Timepiece necklace by Maison Martin Margiela at Start. Double breasted jacket by Alexander Wang at Start.

Lame hooded top by Maison Martin Margiela at Start. Leather shoulder piece by Gemma Slack.

Velvet dress with cut out detailing and flat boots by Ann Sofie Back.

Fedora hat by James Lock and Co Hatters. Jersey snood by American Apparel. Capped sleeve jacket by Miu Miu at Start. Leather belt by Acne at Start. Gradiated leather necklace by Luke Raymond. Shoes by Brian Atwood. Gloves by Nina Peter. Leggings by Roland Mouret at Selfridges.

Source and photo credit: fashion156


Neverending love for b&w vol. 1

Leather, structured shoulder piece by Gemma Slack.

Dress by Preen at Harrods.

One shouldered dress by Preen at Harrods.

Necklace by Topman. Long, leather gloves by Lanvin.

Distressed armpiece by Tour de Force.

Distressed armpiece by Tour de Force.

Velvet dress with detailing by Ann Sofie Back.

Knit Dress by Swagga and Soul.

Black and white leather dress with quilting details by Liam Evans, contact at 07795 341289.

Source and photo credit: fashion156