Deep thoughts

I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas, darlings! I enjoyed mine so much. Thank you for your lovely wishes and presents. I am blessed to have so many great friends. Now it's time to think about and prepare for the new year. What are your plans and resolutions?

My new year resolutions in bullet form.

{practice excessive gratitude.}
{be present.}
{slow down, breathe, stop trying so hard to prove myself.}
{spend introspective time determining goals for the next portion of my life.}
{explore spirituality.}
{live a healthy lifestyle.}
{work hard, rest hard.}

Oh, are you planning to have a party for New Year's Eve? What are you going to wear?
{Sabine and Alyona are wearing headpieces, dresses and shoes by Pheobe English.}
Image credit: Fashion156.com


Happy Holidays!

I wish you peace, love and happiness for the holiday season and the new year. Thank you for your support, friendship and love. x

Photo: my brother



How is your weekend going, darlings? We have heavy snowfall, my little garden is covered in five inches of snow. It's beautiful. I went shopping this morning and snow started falling in the afternoon. It was really cold and the city was busy beyond words. I don't really like the crowd that comes along with Xmas, however, I felt relaxed and great, which is quite unusual as I have dealt with anxiety for the last couple of months. It's still manageable and I don't need medication, I am just overstressed and burn it at both ends for too long of a time and my body is revolting. However, I don't feel well and struggle with insomnia, too. As I sat in my car struck in a traffic jam and looked at the wonderful, sparkling, all-white blanket of snow, I felt that I finally got into the Xmas spirit, which I had thought won't come this year. Oh, I love the silence that comes when it snows.

I had dinner with a friend in IKEA and over some Swedish meatballs we talked about Xmas, love life, work and my relatively new obsession, blogging.

Me: "Oh I have to update my blog tonight and tell my readers about the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit I have just bought for myself as an Xmas present. You know, there are these people who get mad if I don't post..."
Her: "Who are these people? Are they real people?" Ha-ha-ha.

I went to Douglas to buy some presents for my family and just hung a wee bit too long around the Bobbi Brown counter and a lovely makeup artist asked if she could help me. I have used the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit for a long time now and I needed a new one, so I told her what I wanted. I wore no makeup, so she kindly offered me to try a few products on my face and I left in full makeup and with a few good tips. She made my day. I bought the concealer kit in Ivory and, as she suggested, a corrector in Porcelain Bisque that, put under the concealer, covers my dark circles. I gifted myself with a Moleskine Memo Pocket organizer book with six accordion file style compartments, too, which makes the perfect portable file folder for my bills and notes. Do you gift yourselves sometimes? I know it's not the solution, but it really helps fighting sorrow.

That's it for now. Good night, darlings.

Image credit: BobbiBrown.com


Xmas wishlist

MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief holiday brush set (image from here)

Elbow-length leather gloves (Yves Saint Laurent from Net-a-porter.com)

Whiteness and Trauma by Victoria Burrows (image from Amazon.com)

Moleskine patent leather diary (image from here)
(An impossible-to-fulfill-wish as this was a limited edition for 2009.)

IKEA mirror set of two (image from here)

... and if money were of no importance...
Givenchy wrapped jersey peep toe boots (from Net-a-porter.com)


Who's that girl?

Inspired by Italian Neorealism cinema, the first photos of the s/s 2010 ad campaign for Dolce&Gabbana are amazing. Shot by Steven Klein, the images will be published in this week's Italian edition of Fanity Fair. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said, "To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true". Doesn't she look awesome? I am in LOVE.

Source and image credit: Just Jared


Tiki-Mania-Maori by Anne Sofie Madsen

How is your week going, darlings? I am still overloaded with work, I just need rest and I am not gonna get that until the 22nd, so it is time to suck it up. I would like to thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comments- I can't wait to check out the blogs of my new visitors, too!

Now onto the interesting stuff! The tribal inspired Tiki-Mania-Maori collection of Danish Design School 2009 graduate Anne Sofie Madsen is simply amazing. It reminds me of Alexander McQueen, but with stunning pastels and a soft, feminine look that mixes modern with tribal.

"In traditional Maori art the most dominant, mythical motif is the "avianised man" or "bird woman". The most important visual art forms are plaiting, relief carving and tattoo. My idea in this collection was to combine (and confront) this with classic, European clothing - in order to express the contrasts and borders between what we see as primitive/civilanized, exotic/classic and barbaric/elegant."

"My idea was not to create bird suits or folk costumes and I decided not to use feathers in the garments and to "translate" the traditional materials of the Maori. I used shoelaces instead of flax strips and exchanged tattooed skin with leather applied on invisible tulle."

Source and image credit: Cyana Trendland


Corporate Cannibal

Grace Jones has it all. Her music has always been among my greatest influences and I lie on the floor and completely open myself to those records and I let them wash all through me because they are beautiful. Her voice fills me up with hope, her music works on so many levels, visceral, spiritual, intellectual and it is sonically exciting. I just can't stop listening to this right now.

Have a rocking weekend darlings!

The headline is the title of a song by Grace Jones. Photo from here


Favorite(s) of the day

Nude, gray, platforms, bare skin, high waisted pants, pink silk, heels with socks: love, love, love.

Nude, silk shirt by Givenchy at Harrods. Socks by Tabio. Wool coat by Jean Pierre Braganza at Selfridges. High waisted sweatpants by Karen Walker at No-One. Platform stilettos by Christian Louboutin.

Nude dress with black detailing by Christopher Kane at Matches.

Gray cardigan (inside) by Moschino at Feathers. Pink, silk dress by Acne at Liberty. Socks by Jonathon Aston at MyTights. Gray cardigan (outside) by Won Hundred. Platform stilettos by Christian Louboutin. Artwork by Mr Guil.

Source and photo credit: Fashion156.com


The day the couture died

December 2 was a sad day for fashion and what I imagine was an impossibly difficult day for legendary fashion designer, Christian Lacroix who had to close shop on his prêt-à-porter and couture collections. It will continue (for now) as a licensing-only brand. The last collection of the king of couture was stunning as ever.

Source and photo credit: Vogue UK

p.s. I am so sorry for being a bad blogger lately. My boyfriend and I share one laptop computer and he has been working on his thesis in the last couple of weeks. I will try and catch up with my reading at the weekend. Love you all. x