Colorless colors

You all know that I love minimalist ideas and anything monochrome. Simon Schubert uses texture and shape as languages of communication instead of colors. His world of papers, sculptures and installations never fail to amaze me. Looking at them takes me to a dream world that is cold and uncomfortable, but fairy-like and will not let me leave. The attention to detail he gives to his pieces makes me want to stare at them for hours. Beautiful, but in a perversely precise and rebel way.

Source and image credit: Cyana Trendland


What are you gonna do?

This is the sexiest song and video ever. Oh I wish she would have the inspiration she did when writing songs for Erotica and Bedtime Stories.

Have a fabulous weekend, darlings. x



Chanel Couture s/s 2010

Photo credit: Vogue UK


I'm breathless...

... but really. She is my icon.

Image credit: Socialite Life


Meet Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre is one of the most wonderful persons I know. He is full of positive energy and enthusiasm, he is sweet and sensitive, thoughtful and, best of all, he has an open mind. He is very talented, too. I love his drawings and have encouraged him to draw more. In return, he made this for me. Amazing, isn't it?

Thank you so much, darling. x

Image credit: Jean-Pierre Mattei

Favorite of the day

It's Friday, darlings! Oh, I couldn't wait. I have had enough of winter I think... I feel tired and can't wait for the new season to rejuvenate me.

I love the graphic appeal of these knitted dresses and tops from the s/s 2010 collection of contemporary knitwear designer, Derek Lawlor. What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend friends. x

Image credit: Derek Lawlor


Love me

Hungarian designer Dora Abodi graduated from the MODART International Art and Fashion Academy in Budapest. Called M'Amour, her extra feminine s/s 2010 collection amazed me. I love the soft nudes, the ruffles and the lines. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You can read about her on her website and now on Style Bubble, too! Go Dora go!

Image credit: Dora Abodi via Who's Next Blog