I am a Chanel lover and except for a few pieces (um... clogs? no, thanks) I love Monsieur Lagerfeld's work. Not that I can afford them though.

You probably remember my dilemma about wedges. I still have it. To be honest, I bought this pair of Chanels just because they were sold at a bargain price I could not resist. I did not like them on the photos so much, but as soon as I put my hands on and my feet in them, I was in love. What do you think? (I am corrupt, I know. It is like "Wedges? No, thanks. Chanel? Yes, please.". I cannot help it.)

Photos: my brother



He is a genius. Singapore based designer, Max. Tan has created something spectacular. Again. I love how he uses simple ideas to create new, breathtaking, androgynous silhouettes. "Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, proportions are sometimes blown out of proportions," he says.

Titled "Against", his new, a/w 2010 collection "pushes the boundaries of what is deemed right and wrong. It challenges how garments can be differently constructed, how "wrong" details and tailoring methods can be deemed to seem right. Strict sharp lines and proper drafting rules are thrown out the window. Combined with draping techniques, the sumptuous use of fabrics put together a monochromatic collection filled with international accidents made aesthetically "right". What’s unseen is now seen, what was once wrong is now made right." 

Once again, Max. Tan worked together with my favorite team @ the Test Shoot Gallery to create an amazing lookbook.

Test Shoot Gallery
Photography: May Lin Le Goff
Creative and fashion direction: Ashburn Eng
Makeup: Mav Chang
Hair: Annie Tay
Model: Luth Seah Zhi Qiang
Styling assistance: Shanna Matthew


Frida's dream

Stunning. Lace, silk, white, pearls, feathers- yes, please! The Givenchy 2010 Paris Couture collection designed by Riccardo Tisci was inspired by Frida Kahlo (another favorite woman of mine) and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality and human anatomy. What do you think?

Image credit: Я люблю ФОТО


Hello stranger

This is the second time that Dior collaborates with the talented Chinese photographer Quentin Shih. The photos of the series called "Stranger in the Glass Box" are amazing. This time the label called upon the photographer to produce a series of images for the shop windows of the Dior boutique to be re-opened in Shanghai. By retouching his subjects, Shih creates oil painting-style images using Chinese stereotypes to reinforce the rigor and uniformity of Chinese mass culture. "Shanghai Dreamers" became one of my favorite series of images. What do you think?

Source and image credit: TrendLand


Flying with the wind

Dóri Tomcsányi's s/s 2010 (graduate) collection has been inspired by illusion. The sense of delusion is created by transparent, printed surfaces, applications and the cuts of the pieces. The colors used include light earth colors and powder pink for women; and dark earth colors and dark turquoise for men. The collection includes an oddly cut men's jacket, a masculinely cut women's jacket, a sweater with color defects and a skintight dress made of powder pink leather.

I love-love-love the feeling these pieces give me- light, clean and beautifully cut. What do you think?


Photos: Márk Viszlay
Creative Director: Angie Pálmai
Hair: Kászon Hortobágyi
Makeup: Richard Fazekas
Models: Nóri/Attractive, Marci
Photo Assistants: Nóri Kováts, Marci Kecskés, Péter Hencz
Styling Assistants: Bianka Ozsváth, Zsuzsanna Kurucz

All clothes by Dóri Tomcsányi