Eco-Friendly Fashion – Timberland Takes it to New Heights

It seems that there are few areas of life that have managed to escape the present drive towards sustainable living – fashion included. Part of the larger trend of sustainable design, sustainable fashion involves creating clothing, footwear and accessories with specific consideration towards their carbon footprint, as well as the impact the product will have on the environment.

Environmentally friendly materials

As part of the fashionable drive to create eco-friendly clothing, fashion designers are increasingly introducing environmentally friendly and organic materials which can be recycled, do not harm the environment, and are biodegradable. In fact, clothing that combines earth friendly materials with chic styles is quickly becoming the number one aim of fashion designers, top brands and clothing manufacturers.

Increased opportunities

Aiming to increase the opportunities available for sustainable designers is the National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers. The purpose of the organisation is to assist entrepreneurs with growing fashion-related businesses, whilst teaching them to respect the environment.

Going green

Amongst the designer fashion brands that are going green is Timberland, who, back in 2007, won the Green Award from Backpacker Magazine. Timberland’s "Earthkeepers" collection – which combines stylish footwear with an eco-conscious outlook – has proved to be an extremely popular and successful line. This bohemian eco-chic footwear is made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials and is extremely comfortable to wear.

In-keeping with its reputation for environmental stewardship, Timberland opened a sustainable store in New York City in 2009. Whilst the contents of the store consists of Timberland’s eco-friendly collections – including the classy "Earthkeepers" range, made with recycled rubber soles, organic canvas linings and leather from a silver-rated tannery – the store itself is at the very height of eco-chic interior design. Built using reclaimed wood, salvaged brick and other recycled and eco-friendly materials, everything about the Timberland store is committed to being green. Even the paint throughout the store is non-VOC and efficient lighting is used throughout.

Aside from opening green stores and launching the highly successful "Earthkeepers" line, Timberland have also rolled out the Green Index label, along the lines of a food nutrition label. The Green Index is essentially an aggregate of Environmental and Community Impact, whereby the company rates footwear in terms of its environmental impact.

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