One for One

I fell in love with TOMS shoes a long time ago - I love the concept, I love the design, I love everything about them. And then again, when I saw the shoes from their collaboration with The Row. Wow.

As TOMS shoes are not available in Hungary, it took me quite a long time to put my hands on these beauties. They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Don't you just love the One for One concept?
Worn with a KataSzegedi dress and a vintage Ralph Lauren bag - and some scars on my legs.


  1. I love them. Mainly because of this one for one concept.

  2. I like Tom's as well especially the story, it got me involved of buying more conscientiously. Has anyone checked out www.indigenous.com . Great story you actually can see who makes your handmade clothes.