Oh, spring! How I love thee. To me, winter is like a long, serious illness that I have to get through to feel the healing power of the most beautiful season of all.

Today we had our first warm day. Actually, spring hit us like a storm- we had winter on Monday, then on Tuesday we had spring... and today we had 55 degrees! It felt like life could not get any better than that. Then I bought a beautiful, hand embroidered Je Suis Belle scarf. Hello, I am happy.


Healthy Dreams

Hey, lovelies- sorry for having been MIA lately. Winter still makes me a little depressed; I hope to write more when spring hits the city.

To overcome melancholy, I have started changing my lifestyle, eating more healthy, and putting exercise in my daily routine. And you know what? Eating healthy is fun!

My breakfast is usually granola mixed in with non-fat Greek yogurt. Granola is easy to make, so why not make it for yourselves?

{100 g pumpkin seeds}
{100 g sunflower seeds}
{90 g sesame seeds}
{100 g coconut flakes}
{200 g almonds}
{150 g walnuts}
{70 g raisins}
{200 g oat flakes}
{2 tsp honey}

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a medium baking pan with baking paper. Mix ingredients in a large bowl, except for raisins and honey. Pour the mixture into the pan, then flat it evenly. Pour honey on top. Bake it for 30-40 minutes (stirring every 10). When ready, add raisins. You can change the recipe according to your tastes.

Enjoy! <3