Can you tell I love this dress?

Dori Tomcsanyi dress
Calzedonia leggings
Chanel shoes
{not visible} Furla bag

Happy Friday! <3


Spring Flowers

I visited Dori Tomcsanyi's creative space, The Garden Studio recently. I am truly in love with Dori's pieces- soft, simple, amazing. I got myself a dress and could not resist buying a beautiful wooden cuff by Janka Juhos. The impressive shoes you can see on Dori's lookbook photos are made by Julia Kaldy - spectacular, aren't they? I am totally into her designs, hope to get my hands on a pair very soon.

The Garden Studo - 1. Dori's amazing pieces 2. Beautiful bags by The B├ęta Version

My Juhos Janka Jewellery wooden cuff

My floating beige dress by Dori, worn with a Furla bag, Marni for H&M shoes and Calzedonia leggings


Work Out Your Style

Do you wear that tracksuit top even when you're not at the gym? And are those trainers actually for running, or do you just want to look good while you're lounging at home? If a recent study by Sports Apparel is anything to go by, then roughly 78% of us wear workout clothes for purposes other than exercise. And we're not just talking about tracksuits. If your wardrobe is full of predictable, boring, formal shoes, why not follow in the footsteps of the fashion-forward and go casual with your footwear?

The adidas Originals label is all about vibrant eye-catching fashion with a distinct retro twist. Trainers are a popular pick for an off-duty look, while a tracksuit earns you top points for unique casual style. Whether you're looking for sports shoes and trainers, or a snug hoodie to complement your weekend style, choose sporty casual wear with an urban edge.

Garments that have been designed for leisure and exercise have now taken a trend-led twist. Hooded jackets, jersey sweaters, cycling shorts and tracksuit bottoms have all been given a style makeover. Superdry in the UK has a range of functional yet stylish clothing. Famed for their sports-inspired casual men’s and women’s wear – featuring iconic printed T-shirts, denim jeans and casual footwear – this trendy label has exploded since first appearing in 2003.

The line between fashion and sportswear has continued to blur, and fashion influences sportswear as much as sportswear has impacted on the fashion industry – both on the runway and on the high street. Collaborations between designers and sportswear labels have recently been launched, resulting in chic and stylish clothing designs that are casual enough to be worn on a day-to-day basis.

The fashionable sportswear market has now become more trend-led, as recent catwalk shows have demonstrated. Both New York and London Fashion Week have witnessed the emerging trend "fashionable active wear". Sports such as surfing, scuba diving and American football seemed to be amongst the influences, with bright sporty colours and dark-coloured casuals taking centre stage.

Sportswear was originally designed for just one purpose, but by meeting the fashion world head-on, it's taken on a new lease of life. People are starting to realise that sportswear doesn't have to mean grey tracksuits and running shoes. And it’s certain that the London Olympic Games this summer will help to put this type of functional yet stylish clothing firmly on the map.

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April 8

Nubu shirt dress
The Room #14 canvas bag
Calzedonia leggings
Chanel shoes