Print Craze

It always amazes me how one's stlye can change in a relatively short time. Two years ago I could not imagine myself wearing print. Never ever. And now? I am totally into great prints. It started with this dress, and I still wear it a lot. Print is like wearable art, and I love that.

Let me introduce you to my new dress from KataSzegedi. I feel fabulous wearing it.

KataSzegedi dress, H&M leggings, Zara glads


Hello, August!

Oh, wait... Who else is wondering where July went? I am so in love with summer I already miss it. I should consider living somewhere else, however, we have had a lovely season so far. Beach weather, summer sandals, cocktails, flowy dresses, bronze skin... I am so looking forward to one more month of fun.

The winner of my Hunter boots giveaway is Laura - congratulations, darling!

Thank you all for participating, I love you.