This has been my favorite hashtag lately, and this has been my favorite ensemble - I feel awesome sporting my running clothes and my Nike Free 5.0. Running saved me.

For the most part of my life, I was overweight. I never liked it. I never learned to love my body. I totally get the message of loving yourself whatever your body type might be - but I just couldn't. I had better months and years when I could somewhat control my weight, and I was more or less happy with the way I looked. But most of the time I wasn't happy, and deep inside it didn't feel right. I felt neither healthy nor happy in my own skin.

I wanted to change that many times, but I just didn't succeed. Doing sports hasn't been part of my life - it wasn't there in my family, so I never felt the urge to start with it, however, I knew it would be necessary if I wanted to change my life. I did some sports every now and then, tried every diet I had heard of, but in the long term they just didn't work.

Then yoga changed everything. I have started doing yoga once a week more than a year ago. It was really difficult at times, but moving my body felt awesome, and it was great to see myself develop week by week. It felt right, and it has given me a tremendous amount of happiness ever since. I felt, however, that moving my body with my weight was not easy, and I really wanted to develop, so, once again, I decided to change my lifestyle. And I did. 

I went all vegan, changed my diet completely, and started working out with a personal trainer (actually, he has been my yoga instructor from the very beginning). I trained with him twice a week, attended his yoga class once a week, but after a while I felt it was not enough. The results started to show, so I was motivated enough to start working out on my own the other four days of the week. I thought running would be a great thing to do, however, back then I could run for 5 minutes on end. I didn't mind, I didn't stop, and slowly but steadily my stamina and fitness developed. I have no words for my feelings after running my first 10k. A few weeks ago, I run my first Ultrabalaton with friends and colleagues. It was amazing. A team of 10, 212 kilometers non-stop, and an unbeatable team spirit - plus, we run for charity, and supported the foundation I have worked with as a volunteer for the last 10 years.

Since September 2012, I've lost 30 kilograms (66 lbs). I feel so much better. I'm not there yet, but have totally changed my lifestyle, and am sure I will never go back to living unhealthy again. I'm full of energy, work out seven days a week, eat healthy, and live the good life.

Happy Friday, lovelies - I'm off running.

Running top - Nike
Running shorts - Nike
Running tights - Nike
Running shoes - Nike Free 5.0


  1. Borzasztóan örülök a sikerednek és nagyon-nagyon büszke vagyok rád! Szeretlek <3

  2. that is so awesome! I am so happy for you, glad you have found your niche!! stay inspired and keep going!! I wonder if you would like to check out my blog on healthy eating :) www.fabulousfitandfun.blogspot.com scroll through and you will see tons of advice!